​​​​​​Farsley Cricket Club

Established 1864

​Bradford Premier League 2019

Sponsorship Packages

Match Ball Sponsor
£25.00Acknowledgement in Match Day Programme and on Scrolling Match Day Information Screen on your chosen Match Day
Match Day Sponsor£250.00Full page advert in Match Day Programme. Acknowledgement in Match Day Programme and on Scrolling Match Day Information Screen On your chosen Match Day

Fixed Perimeter Advertising Board 

(8'x  4')

£250.00 (Board supplied)

£150.00 (Own Board Provided)                                                   

Fixed Advertising position for on boundary edge of ground for full season
Full Season Match Day Programme Advert

£150.00  (Full Page)

£  75.00  (Half Page)

£  50.00  (Quarter Page)

Full colour advert in Match Day Programme all season
Full Season Scrolling Match Day Information Screen Advert
£150.00Full colour advert on Scrolling Match Day Information Screen 

Shirt Sponsor

£500.00 (Shirt Collar)

£2,500.00 (Shirt Front)

Company branding and logo displayed on shirt collar or front for a season.

Full Match Day Programme Advert and on Match Day Information Screen, Acknowledgement on all Audio Broadcasts

Sponsorship Packages

Each match day, a match day programme is produced which is issued to all paying spectator and also available for purchase by members. 

The Club currently has the following sponsorship opportunities available: